1980 Corvette Stingray

1980 Corvette Stingray


The Chevrolet Corvette: A Spirit That Can Never Be Duplicated

Over the years I have developed a certain fondness for the Chevrolet Corvette, a fondness that never grows weak, the Corvette is America's only true sports car, due to the fact that we don't produce luxury cars, and then try to call them spots cars like other countries do.

There has only been one Corvette body style that I don't like, and that would be the one from the 1980's, the one that looked like a sports version of a GEO storm, I wondered for a while there if Chevrolet might end the Corvette line.

The Corvette was first produced in 1953, and a lot of people thought that it could never least, it just looked to space age for the people then, but in 1955 Chevrolet realized what the Corvette needed to make it a viable muscle car / sports car.

That was the fact that they needed to get rid of the idea of using a straight back six to power the car, and to make a few changes to the body of the car, which they did, they added a V8 option to the Corvette's list of goodies, and made the much needed mods to the body.

This made the Corvette sales go way up, they had a huge spike when people realized that they could get a Corvette that had the power that it should have, not to mention the style that it needed to be a true muscle car, this drove the sales hard through 1957.

In 1958 another addition to the body of the car would be made, and this addition would spike the interest of the people again, the huge upgrade was am added head light on the car, to make the quad head light front end of the car.

The body style stayed pretty much the same until 1963, the biggest change before 1963 was the Rochester mechanical fuel injection unit that was added as an option in 1962, along with the 327 small block Chevrolet engine it mad great power, exactly what the Vette set wanted.

In 1963 would be the biggest single re-design of the corvette ever, Chevrolet was about to introduce the sting ray body style, which would again propel the Corvette to new sales heights, it would appeal to the younger people, the people with the cash to burn.

Also an enduring factor of the 1963 Corvette up to this very day, is the fact that Chevrolet gave the coupe a split rear window, this also pushed the sales of the car, the 1963 split window Corvette is a very rare, and collectible body style these days.

The Stingray body style would last until 1967, at which time another total re-design would take place, bringing the Corvette in to the modern times, but in 1965 Chevrolet would have another Corvette brain storm, and begin to offer a big block V8 engine.

This would again propel the car to new levels of greatness, this would make the L88 Corvette set all kinds of track records in 1966, one of the most famous records that the Corvette set in 1966 was to finish number one, and number two in the twenty four hours of daytona race.

This would also raise the stature of the Corvette another level in the eyes of the race world, and it still remains to this day a contender on the world racing circuit, it does more then any other car in it's price range, Chevrolet has truly stayed true to the legend of the Corvette.

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